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Here you will find drills, skills, and tips for all levels of play, number of players, and available time. Information is short, informative, and easy to follow. Check it out for some fresh ideas for beginners to advanced soccer players and soccer coaches.

Soccer Drills

Soccer drills are important in producing a top tiered youth soccer team. These soccer drills will allow you to create a fun and competitive soccer practice to prepare your athletes for match competition.

U9 - U12


U13 - U16


U17 - UP


How to Reschedule a Game

If you need to reschedule a game or your game is postponed due to weather, please follow this procedure:

STEP 1: Contact Assignor
If you are the home team, contact the Assignor ( or the Director of Referees for additional dates. Please do this prior to the day of the canceled game if possible, so that a referee does not show up when a game will not take place.

STEP 2: Contact Other Coach
Check with the other coach about the best alternative date. Again, do this as soon as possible. 

STEP 3: Verify Referees Have Been Assigned
Verify referees have been assigned and the other team can make the date. It is the coach's responsibilty to get the game rescheduled even if the club canceled the game due to weather.

Guest Player Form

Guest Player Allowance

What it IS
This allowance is a tool for coaches to use to ensure they have enough players and/or substitutes at a game so that the game doesn’t have to be rescheduled, thus eliminating the work involved for coaches to reschedule.

The tool is not a guaranteed answer to all scenarios, or to last-minute changes in player availability, but if planned for and used properly, the allowance should minimize the need to reschedule. In cases where the allowance can’t be applied, coaches are still able to reschedule matches.

Maximum number of guest players in a match is three.

What it is NOT
If the team has enough players and substitutes to play a match, the guest player allowance is NOT to be used.

This allowance is NOT a tool for coaches to use to “stack” a roster with “ringer” type players just because the allowance exists or just because there is room on the team to still be under/within the maximum roster size.

The tool is NOT to be used to gain a competitive advantage.

ABUSE of the spirit or letter of this allowance will not be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly. Iowa Soccer will monitor guest player requests and impose strict penalties in the event a coach or club is found to have been abusing or finding ways around the allowance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are player cards and coach badges?

Player cards are required for ages U7 and up by the Iowa Soccer Association (ISA). This card provides proof that your child is registered and assigned to a given team for the seasonal year. These cards are only valid for one full season (Sept 1 to Aug 31 of the following year) and are reissued for every new fall season or if your child changes teams between fall and spring.

Coach badges are required for ALL coaching staff and are only provided to a coach upon completion of a volunteer disclosure form including a background check. Per ISA rules only those coaches who have completed the paperwork and received the coach badge may be on the team side during games and can be on the field during practices with the team.

When will I receive my roster and schedule?

Rosters will be provided to the coaches 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the season, earlier when able. The rosters will be received electronically from the Registrars.

U5-U8 - Schedules will be provided at least 1 week prior to the start of the season. Team schedules are generated by DCG Soccer Club and will be sent as soon as the Registrars complete them.

U9-U19 - Schedules will be provided at least 1 week prior to the start of the season. Team schedules are generated by Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League and will be sent as soon as the Registrars receive them.

When are the team practices?

Team practices are scheduled by the individual coaches based upon coach/team availability

What do we do if it's raining or snowing?

Weather related closures for the DCG soccer fields can be found on the DCG Soccer Club website at, on our Facebook page, on Twitter or by signing up for RainedOut, which is a text/email message service. The link for RainedOut, which is a free service, can be found on the club website.

If the DCG soccer fields are closed contact the opposing team coach (if you are the home team) and then contact your players.

If the DCG soccer fields are open and the weather is inclement it is up to the discretion of the coach and parent to determine whether it is appropriate for your child/team to practice or play a game, contact the opposing team coach for game cancellations.

If your game's location is in another community or other sports complex, you will need to confirm the game's status before leaving Dallas Center or Grimes. You must contact the other coach and then let your team know if there is anything preventing the game from being played at the scheduled time and location.

What do we do if there is lightning or thunder?

When lightning is seen or thunder is heard, all practices and games need to be immediately suspended for a MINIMUM of thirty (30) minutes. No one is to remain on the fields. Notify others there is danger from lightning and take shelter right away. Practices and games will not resume until a MINIMUM of thirty (30) minutes have passed since the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder.
DCG Soccer Club is organized for the purpose of furthering and promoting the development of soccer in Dallas Center, Grimes, and the surrounding area.
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